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Remote Archiving
Automated Remote Archiving is Never Having to Say, "You're Sorry"

  • Sorry you forgot to back up your data.
  • Sorry you lost data from a hard drive crash.
  • Sorry you accidentally deleted data.
  • Sorry you overwrote that file.
  • Sorry your disgruntled employee sabotaged your files.
  • Sorry you wasted all that money on additional storage.
  • Sorry you wasted all that time preparing to transfer data.
  • Sorry you didn't know how inexpensive a solution could be. 

RemoteArchiving retrieves and manages every type of file format from text to digital pictures, along with their associated data, for permanent archiving. RemoteArchiving will categorize and store all these "MEDIA ASSETS" of your entire department onto Compact Disks ("CD's") or Digital Video Disks ("DVD's") for quick and easy RETRIEVAL at any time.


RemoteArchiving is that magical solution to your data storage problems.

With data files growing exponentially larger, filling and overloading up your servers faster than ever before, RemoteArchiving.com is the easy behind-the-scenes answer to maintaining your server data. You can kiss your data storage and retrieval troubles goodbye forever while RemoteArchiving automatically scans your network of users and servers to search for large accumulations of data. Whether you're creating:
  • image files from artist and designers,
  • statistics from production personnel, or
  • financial records from banks or brokers

RemoteArchiving will auto-download and write (or "burn") your data onto a new CD or DVD where your personnel can reference the catalog for quick reference.


RemoteArchiving turns your data storage problem into a retrieval savings.

RemoteArchiving catalogs each new disc archive in a MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT system, such as Portfolio™ or Cumulus™, and makes that storage-and-retrieval information available on the archived disc. The resulting disc will look similar to stock photography discs that you may be familiar with already.


Why archive?

Because the benefits of remote archiving are so great, those of us in the business assume everyone recognizes how valuable archiving is. One of Kevin Roden's Seven Deadly Sins of Data mismanagement says, "there is a distinct difference between backing up and archiving data. Both serve different business needs, and both are essential. Don't make the mistake of thinking that doing one will address the needs of the other." A backup is a short term copy of data in the event that the original gets lost or damaged; the only goal of backup is to restore data to the to it's most recent uncorrupted version. The goals of archiving are:
  • Save, protect and portfolioize data.
  • Organize and consolidate data.
  • Categorize for easy reference.
  • Free authors and creators from having to provide data to others.
  • Make data accessible to other interested parties who are properly authorized for access.
  • Possibly provide a revenue stream.

The most widely used goal of archiving, but with the least amount of merit, is:

  • The server is FULL!


Why remotely?

For most organizations, the cost to set up an Archiving Robot is prohibitive; you may already have the most expensive type of robot doing archiving, called an employee. With RemoteArchiving, there is no employee maintenance of equipment nor burning of disks. Instead, RemoteArchiving will:
  • Conserve hard drive space.
  • Eliminate local server requirements.
  • Make it universally accessible.
  • Benefit from the reduced costs of economy of scale.


You can turn past costs into future profits.

RemoteArchiving has a sister service called iDigMedia.com. iDigMedia serves or allows you to sell your high resolution digital pictures, video files, EPS image files, and electronic graphic files of all types, through a portal on your website from your archive CDs or DVDs. At your request, RemoteArchiving will burn an extra disk FOR FREE that can be used on iDigMedia.

By choosing this option, you will receive a URL from iDigMedia.com at the same time your archive disks arrive in the mail. By incorporating this URL into your web site, you'll be able to recover many of your media development costs by providing a secure point-of-sale to the images on your disk. iDigMedia can assign a cost to each media file OR you can allow your files to be downloaded for free.


Get help making sense of all those files!

The RemoteArchiving staff is highly trained in Media Asset Management. Not only can we help you archive, retrieve, and sell your data, we will consult with you about how to handle your existing data. Our area of expertise covers:
  • Media Asset backups
  • Media Asset archiving
  • Media Asset future revenue from old data
  • Media Asset organization as it pertains to your employees or customers
  • Management of millions of files stored on servers, desktop computers, and disks
  • Management of purchased stock photography
  • Project Management as defined by the Project Management Institute


Here is how we do it:

Auto-BOTS® is a registered name of Assured Solutions, that describes our unique workflow automation processes. Each Auto-BOT® is specifically programmed to glue existing applications, databases, and technology together and automate the flow of data between them. The end result is the elimination of "administrivia", the debilitating data disease that destroys effectiveness caused by doing repetitive, frustrating tasks.

RemoteArchiving is made possible by combining three of the "best of breed" Auto-BOTS®:

  • Auto-FLOW®--Processing
  • Auto-SAFE®--Archiving
  • Auto-SORT®--Indexing

Auto-FLOW®--Processing is designed to integrate multiple software applications and automate the movement of data between them. It uses "hooks" included in network software by the developers to securely "talk" to other programs that move data from the servers at your site to the Auto-SAFE® robot at our site.

Auto-SAFE®--Archiving automatically scans your network of text generators, graphic users and servers to search for large accumulations of files from school administrators, teacher specialists, artists, photographers, designers and production personnel. Then, it auto-downloads and writes (or "burns") your data onto a new CD or DVD where it can be cataloged by the Auto-SORT® Indexing robot.

How files get to RemoteArchiving.com

Auto-SORT®--Indexing catalogs each new disc archive in a MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT system, such as Portfolio™ or Cumulus™, and makes that storage-and-retrieval information available on the archived disc. The resulting disc will look similar to stock photography distribution discs.


Why train and pay a person to do a repetitive boring job?

Here's what RemoteArchiving does in 1/4th the time it takes a human to do, presuming you could get a time-strapped human to even do such a thorough routine of "best practice" procedures:
  • Creates a Robot Log that tracks each step of the process;
  • Auto-copy files from your site onto an Auto-SAFE® scratch disk;
  • Norton® Disk Doctor™ checks the disk for possible problems, and repairs them (if possible);
  • Virex™ checks the disk for "viruses", "worms" and "trojan horses", and eradicates them (if possible);
  • Portfolio™ (or Canto™ ) catalogs the disc for all users to see and access;
  • Toast™ writes a minimum of a two-disc archive;
  • Acrobat™ creates a PDF of the directory for placement inside the disc's jewel case;
  • And finally, you are notified that the disc archive is being shipped to you.

RemoteArchiving pays for itself in recaptured time that's no longer wasted by having expensive human beings do the job of an Auto-BOT®. It will easily justify its expense usually within the first few Archives!

$99 to Auto-SAFE® archive and Auto-SORT® catalog the CD
$299 to Auto-SAFE® archive and Auto-SORT® catalog the DVD-R


Just in case we didn't make it clear

RemoteArchiving IS THE ONLY WAY TO:



To get started archiving your data files remotely, please fill out our Let's Get Started page.

For questions, please refer to our FAQ, email us at 411@assuredsolutions.com, or call us at 214-747-4411.

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